Cooking and eating is my passion. I have been to too many restaurants where food is worshipped and diners whisper.

To me it is more important to cook exciting and inspirational delicious food using the ingredients I love with integrity and perfection.

I am a Greek Austrian and this reflects in my dishes and the spirit of the dining room.

— Konstantin Filippou

Konstantin Filippou

Chef and owner

Our new menu consists solely of fish and seafood. This reflects my love of the water – and the high quality of what lives in it.

In these new culinary compositions, amur carp, salmon trout, crayfish, whitefish, catfish, and zander are on equal footing with langostino, sardines, mussels, and red prawn.

We did not become a fish restaurant overnight. We have always been a restaurant that loves the plethora our freshwaters, seas, and oceans provide – and, currently, we particularly have a taste for it.


“Trophée Gourmet” A La Carte: Austria’s Most Creative Chef 2011
Gault Millau: Chef of the year 2016
Gault Millau 2024: 5 bonnets (19 points)
Guide Michelin 2023: 2 stars
A la carte 2023: 99 points