Restaurant Konstantin Filippou
Dominikanerbastei 17
1010 Wien
T: +43 (0) 1 51 22 229


Best in Parking – Garage Georg Cochplatz

Dining Room

Konstantin Filippou’s Dining Room is an elegant space with a view into the restaurant’s very heart: the kitchen. From just about every table, our guests have the pleasure of watching our team creating culinary artwork. Seats up to 35 guests.

Kitchen Table

Konstantin Filippou’s Kitchen Table: the best spot in the house, adjacent to our amuse gueule station. Ideal for both existing and future enthusiasts of the culinary palate. Looking directly into the kitchen, certain dishes are even prepared right at the kitchen table. Seats 2 guests.

Private Dining Room

Konstantin Filippou’s Private Dining Room is an exclusive and cozy room, ideal for small events birthday dinners, or press interviews (seating up to 20 guests). The room is separate and secluded from the restaurant.